Vigilante ~ A Review

Twitter has become a very fun place for me.  I have had opportunity to meet so many different people all over theworld.  One of my favorite benefits of this is I get to meet various authors from different countries and get leads on new books to read.

A while back I met Claude Bouchard, a thriller writer from Canada.  He has several books in print, is an artist and a poet as well.  I enjoyed getting to know Claude. He is very witty and has a great imagination.  Knowing these things about him, I had to purchase some of his books. 

The first one I read was Vigilante.  The  introduction of his characters in a series of books. Dave McCall is a police man heading the division of the Special Homicide Task force Centre and Chris Barry is Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of CSS, Inc, a computer security firm.  As bodies begin to show up, brutally murdered, and E-mails from the killer begin  coming through the police’s own network server, McCall enlists the help of the man who designed the system, Chris Barry, to help track the mysterious E-mails.  Together they work to unravel the mystery of The Vigilante.  A killer who preys only on criminals.  As the investigation progresses, they begin to realise the killer is more than likely someone they know.  Could it be possible that one of the other cops that work with McCall is the killer??? Do we always know our friends as good as we think???

I truly enjoyed reading Vigilante.  I feel I got to know the characters personally and was caught up in the story reading very late into the night.  If you love a good crime thriller, then you have to read Vigilante, by Claude Bouchard.  There are twists and turns throughout the entire book that keep you wondering, who is the Vigilante??

You can check out Claude’s books, art and other writing here

And follow him on Twitter @ceebee308


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