“Delirious” ~ A Review

I feel exceptionally honored to review this novel from a brand new author, Daniel Palmer.  This is my second Advanced Reader copy I have had the chance to review, oddly enough the first was from his father.  “Delirious” will be available on shelves in January. It truly is a special privilege to have the opportunity to be one of the first to read this debut novel.  So for starters I would like to thank Daniel Palmer for entrusting me with his words. 

I read “Delirious” in the first two days after its arrival and have waited to post my review to be closer to the release date as I don’t want this title to escape anyone’s mind.  If you are a fan of crime thrillers, you do not want to pass up this read once it is released!!

I found myself riveted from the first chapter.  I read during my lunch break at work, and picked it up as soon as I got home.  I literally fell asleep with this book across my chest for two nights, as I did not want to put it down and turn off the light.

Upon introduction, I met Eddie.  A brilliant man who made mistakes and wanted to end his life.  I followed along as Eddie made his finally journey to the Golden Gate Bridge.  Daniel has the ability to paint a picture with his words that will have you biting your nails.

Next I met Charlie.  A Successful business man who has developed the most ingenious of navigation/ mobile entertainment systems still in development but on the verge of making Charlie a fortune.

Charlie’s world is turned upside down when a mysterious woman offers him information that could be the end of Charlie’s career.  As Charlie tries to defend himself and his creation, the people around him begin questioning his sanity, after all his brother, Joe has suffered with schizophrenia since he was young.  It wouldn’t be ill-conceived for Charlie to suffer the same delusional mental impairment. 

As events begin to unravel, and Charlie starts finding post it notes to himself in his own writing, Charlie himself questions his own mental stability.  His thoughts run from who could possibly want to destroy him to him believing he has lost his mind. 

When he finds himself forced into a mental institution, perceived as a dangerous individual, he begins to realize it just can’t be true.  Or is it?? Charlie then begins the journey to prove his innocence and his own sanity.  As facts and evidence begin to unravel, Charlie is left on the edge.  Could it all have been Charlie’s own delusional mind setting the effects in motion? Will anyone believe him? What will a desperate man do to find the truth and will that truth push his mind too far?

I absolutely loved how Daniel Palmer managed to leave me hanging on my seat to the very end of the novel wondering myself, “What kind of craziness is this??”  And I have to say it is a madness that will leave you on the edge of your seat and keep you completely enthralled until the very end. 

I’ve contemplated if I should mention the fact that Daniel Palmer is New York Times #1 best-selling author, Michael Palmer’s son.  Obviously I have decided to give this fact a mention, as I believe Daniel Palmer is well on his way for making a name for himself and will give his father a really good run in the literary world.  Michael Palmer should be exceptionally proud of his son and his talent with words.  All I can say is, congratulations, Daniel… you are well on your way and anyone who passes on reading “Delirious” will be missing out on a truly gifted writer with the talent to put it out there!

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“The Dark Path” ~ A review

Twitter excites me as a reader, as I’ve stated before, because I have been introduced to writers on a global scale, that I might not have known about otherwise.  My lastest review is of “The Dark Path” from Australian author Luke Romyn.  I’ve gotten to know a little about Luke and find him to be a very funny yet caring individual.   

This book is not for those sensitive to violence.  It is a horror novel after all, and I expect my horror novel to be filled with all sorts of things that make me squirm. Luke Romyn exceeded this expectation for me plus some.

Sometimes life can make monsters out of men.  Vain is born when a regular everyday joe witnesses the horrifying rape and murders of his wife and daughter.  Vain battles the inner conflict of good and evil as a hitman who is called upon by an ancient order to help save the life of a child. The child is the only thing that can prevent an evil order from taking over the world and turning humans into fodder.  Vain must battle with his inner humanity, as well as evil as he takes a trip into hell to retrieve an amulet that will give him the strength to prevail.  But will the power of the mystical piece be more than Vain can control? Will he be consumed by what he relies on to win the battle? 

The Dark Path completely filled my requirements of a horror novel.  A genre I am particularly fond of. Luke does not hold back in administering the shock and horror that men do.  I especially like the supernatural twist he weaved into the story making reality and fantasy mesh in a smooth, flowing way. If you are a horror fan, you do not want to pass up this read!!

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