“The Dark Path” ~ A review

Twitter excites me as a reader, as I’ve stated before, because I have been introduced to writers on a global scale, that I might not have known about otherwise.  My lastest review is of “The Dark Path” from Australian author Luke Romyn.  I’ve gotten to know a little about Luke and find him to be a very funny yet caring individual.   

This book is not for those sensitive to violence.  It is a horror novel after all, and I expect my horror novel to be filled with all sorts of things that make me squirm. Luke Romyn exceeded this expectation for me plus some.

Sometimes life can make monsters out of men.  Vain is born when a regular everyday joe witnesses the horrifying rape and murders of his wife and daughter.  Vain battles the inner conflict of good and evil as a hitman who is called upon by an ancient order to help save the life of a child. The child is the only thing that can prevent an evil order from taking over the world and turning humans into fodder.  Vain must battle with his inner humanity, as well as evil as he takes a trip into hell to retrieve an amulet that will give him the strength to prevail.  But will the power of the mystical piece be more than Vain can control? Will he be consumed by what he relies on to win the battle? 

The Dark Path completely filled my requirements of a horror novel.  A genre I am particularly fond of. Luke does not hold back in administering the shock and horror that men do.  I especially like the supernatural twist he weaved into the story making reality and fantasy mesh in a smooth, flowing way. If you are a horror fan, you do not want to pass up this read!!

Find out more about Luke Romyn:  Click Here

And follow him on Twitter  @LukeRomyn


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