“Doyle’s Law” ~ A Review

A new detective is hitting the streets.  Arthur Doyle is a police officer who is fed up with criminals getting away with their crimes. When he accidentally nicks the mayor  with the bullet that kills a kidnapper and saves the mayor’s life, trouble mounts for Doyle for being careless. The mayor swears Doyle will never work as a cop again. In his disgust, Doyle walks away from his job and opens his own PI firm. 

His first customer is a seemingly demure lady looking for her father. He has disappeared and his daughter is frantic to find him. Doyle accepts the case, and with the help of his partner Oscar, they venture into a scenario that threatens the lives of lottery winners.

I am already a fan f Bob Moats and have enjoyed his ‘Murder’ series with Penny and Jim.  I am excited that Bob has decided to take his writing in a different direction and bring new characters to the game.  His new story, “Doyle’s Law,” still delivers the story lines that are easy to get into and the unexpected twists and turns are still present.  Bobs books and fun and easy to read, and difficult to put down once you start. 

So, if you love a good detective story, mixed with a bit of humor, and characters that you love to love, then check out “Doyle’s Law,”  available on Amazon and Nook.  If you’re new to Bob’s books, you won’t want to miss his other 32 books. So, hunker down and get ready to read action, adventure and mystery.


She’s on her way…

Sesame Swallow…the party girl of the detective world. D. Scott Meek has brought us an out of control, wild woman to solve crimes.  Her latest adventure has her hunting down the princess of the porn world in this zany, sexy, erotic tale. As Sesame begins her investigation, she is led into the world of pornography, where she encounters (if you know what I mean) several people who are just looking to score. Can Sesame overcome her own sexual addiction and break the case? Will she get lost in the world of depraved sexual predators? 


I really enjoyed reading Sesame Swallow, there was a dark twist in the story line that just drew you in.  The sex scenes were hot, and the connection to the characters was pretty deep.  This story also brings to light a global crime that some may not even be aware of—human trafficking. I think it takes talent, like D. Scott Meek’s, to bring a very real problem into a fictional story and make it work. 


So, if you enjoy an erotic thrill, as well as an excellent story line, then keep your eye out for “Sesame Swallow, Private Eye” by D. Scott Meek.


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