The Classmate Murders ~ A Review

Bob Moats is a man determined to write.  He is one of the first true indie writers I have met.  From start to finish, Bob’s books are his own, from writing, to publishing.  Bob makes his own books, designs his covers and is his own PR and marketing department.  Before reading his book, The Classmate Murders, I already admired the man based on his hard work alone. 

Once I started reading, I couldn’t put the book down.  Jim Richards is a recently unemployed security guard, living with his parents and has just turned 60.  While he wishes his life had afforded better opportunities, it is convenient living there so he can help his Mother with his ailing Father. 

One night Jim receives an e-mail from an old high school friend asking for him to call, that she needs his help.  When he picks up the phone and calls, he is greeted on the other end by a police officer informing him his friend had been murdered.  Jim is stunned by this revelation and wonders what is going on? 

He contacts his long time cohort, Buck who convinces him he needs to look into things.  As things progress and Jim and Buck are still befuddled, another classmate is murdered!  What is going on?? Who is targeting Jim’s classmates and why?  Jim finally figures out the pattern of the killings and he and Buck go out of their way to protect the people they think are listed for murder. 

It turns out this is no ordinary murderer, but a very brave and cunning one, who will even make their kills with the police present.  How can Jim and Buck protect anyone from such a brutal killer??

I really enjoyed reading The Classmate Murders.  I love the senior citizen hero, Jim Richards and also like to see our love lives will not end after 40.  I even snuck this book to work with me to read at lunchtime.  One of my favorite things about the book, is that the character’s seemed so real to me, as if you could run into any of them on the streets and enjoy meeting them.  A great combination of murder, thrills, romance and excitement.  I highly recommend reading The Classmate Murders by Bob Moats. 

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My Thoughts on The Last Surgeon

Recently, I was fortunate to win a contest… the juicy prize that lured me in??? An advance reader’s edition of The Last Surgeon, autographed by author Michael Palmer.  This glorious treasure is not due out on shelves until February 16, 2010. 

If you are an avid reader, as I am, then you can imagine my excitement of receiving this book.  I know many have already read it, but being just an everyday, average gal, I feel I have been let in on a huge secret. 


So the day came when my book arrived in the mail, very quickly I might add.  I couldn’t wait to get home from work to begin my journey into Michael Palmer’s mind and his latest creation.  That night I slipped into bed, anxious and thrilled as I opened my book and read the first line, “I know you can’t believe this is happening, Ms. Coates, but I assure you it is.  I have been paid, and paid very well, to kill you.”


From there I was taken into a new world.  I first witnessed a murder by an assassin who is the master of the non-kill.  He is paid the big bucks to make his kills out to be accidents or suicides so as not to bring unwanted attention to what is really going on.  He is clever and wily enough to make some of his targets actually commit the acts themselves. Who is he working for??? What are they trying to cover up??


When a doctor who has been searching for his missing friend, the friend that saved his life in the war and a psychiatric nurse, who is positive her sister did not commit suicide meet, they begin uncovering clues, that in some strange way connect the two incidences.  The harder the two push to uncover the truth, the more trouble seems to arise, placing them both at death’s door.  Will the truth be revealed??? Can both of them stay alive when trusting anyone becomes so dangerous??


This book was genius!!! I was enthralled at chapter one and it just got better from there. I love how Michael Palmer captured the true psychopathic and sociopathic nature of his assassin.  The heart and courage of the doctor and nurse shine through every step of the way as they face the most frightening circumstances to find the truth about their loved ones.  Most of all, I am amazed at how Michael Palmer manages to get thrill, mystery, romance, fear, rage, conspiracy and happiness all in one novel and really make you wonder, could this be true???  You will have to read the book when it is released, the ending is highly explosive!!


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